BOP | Solid asset management software

Software for every Technical Department!

BOP | Solid asset management software
for your technical department, for more than 25 years!

BOP is a complete software program, especially designed for the technical department of a company.
BOP software allows every technical department to administrate all activities.
The Comlink applications are an asset to the technical department of your company.

BOP | Highlights

For small and medium technical departments

It is our goal to deliver easy to use software. The daily activities in a technical department can be hectic, so the administration of the activities has to be efficient. It is our highest priority to make sure BOP meets this standard. Because of this principle, BOP proved to be suitable for both small and medium technical departments.

Technical information

Recording of technical data is essential to be able to execute good preventive maintenance and carry out a thorough analysis of failures. In BOP, you can design and manage yourself the master cards of the objects to maintain (machines, installations, buildings, vehicles).

Preventive maintenance

In the Asset Management Program you can design and manage yourself the schedules for every type of preventive maintenance. A recommendations list gives you information about preventive maintenance on short term, but BOP also reveals a long term planning.

Work orders, Notifications

BOP enables you to create a complete work order administration. Both notifications (failures, problems) as the preventive maintenance will be entered in the work order. Via a graphical schedule the work orders are assiged to the mechanics.

Purchase, Stock and much more

Our Asset Management Program contains all modules and options to keep record of the daily administration within a technical department. BOP is also highly suitable to manage stocks, purchase spare parts, budget the costs and much more.

Management information

It’s getting more and more important to inform others (management, customers, government, auditors) and report the executed tasks. BOP helps you to do so, our optimal design allows you to obtain a maximum result.


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